For over 100 years, we have been dedicated to training your people, increasing your bottom line, and advocating for your Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors’ businesses in California. Our members operate large, medium and small companies. We perform work in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional projects, and engage in maintenance, remodeling and service and repair.  We are the nation’s oldest trade association.



April 9, 2019

8:00AM - 3:00PM

Attendee $50

Non-Attendee $70

PHCC Leadership Workshop
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Optional Event: PHCC Leadership Workshop

Designed for Chapter Executives, chapter Board of Directors and others serving in leadership and committee roles. Together we will explore the important aspects of association leadership critical for healthy chapters and growing membership. This seminar will be a group     learning format, arranged by chapter in order to provide small group discussions specific to the needs and initiatives of each chapter.  Lunch will be provided for pre-registered attendees.

Goals of the workshop include:

· Information, tools & techniques for building a stronger chapter including common duties and basic legal responsibilities and legal risks

· Defining the dynamic nature between PHCC volunteer leaders and professional staff roles for maximum impact and effective leadership

· Expanding the PHCC peer network by discussing the local, state and national PHCC support network and available resources. Sponsorship opportunities available.

CAPHCC Board of Directors Meeting

April 9, 2019

3:00PM - 6:00PM

The 2018/2019 PHCC of CA Board of Directors will meet for their 4th quarter meeting. PHCC of CA Executives are welcome to join during open session.


John Stevenson’s Presidents Mixer

April 9, 2019


Convention attendees are welcome to join 2018/2019 PHCC of CA President John Stevenson in his suite for drinks and appetizers.

SPEAKER: Patrick Snow

SPEAKER: Patrick Snow

Keynote Presentation: Creating Your Own Destiny

April 10, 2019

7:30AM - 8:30AM

Patrick Snow is an international best-selling  author, professional keynote speaker, publishing, speaking and book marketing coach. Patrick is the international best-selling author of “Creating Your Own Destiny”, which has sold upwards of one million copies.

You know what you, here's how to get it! Want to better grow your business? Want more out of life? It is time to demand your destiny! Start pursuing the life you see in your mind every day. Whatever your "destiny" means to you - more time, more money, more health, more happiness, more love or more freedom to do what you want. Let Patrick Snow show you how to get started and make it happen!

Seminar 2: Modern Marketing Strategies To Advance Your Business

April 10, 2019

8:40AM - 9:40AM

It’s increasingly critical that your company’s digital presence shine and stand out from the crowded online marketplace. Whether potential customers are searching online for plumbing, heating, and cooling contractors or following up on a referral, how do your customers find you? There are digital marketing strategies available to target potential customers based on their search results, geographic location and other demographics. Customers are overwhelmingly using Google, social media, YouTube, and review sites before hiring a service provider. Learn how you can boost your business’s online presence to attract new customers. This session will discuss how marketing is changing, and what you can do to present your best side online. The Internet tells a story about you. Are you in control of your story?

Bernard May Headshot.jpg

National Positions

Speaker: Bernard May

Co-Speaker: Steven Sanders

Annual Business Session 1 / Candidate Speeches

April 10, 2019

9:50AM - 10:50AM

The 2019/2020 PHCC of CA Board of Director candidate speeches are given. Registered delegates and convention attendees are encouraged to attend.

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Seminar 3: Drive S.A.F.E.R.

Speaker: Jerry Leemkuil

April 10, 2019

11:30AM - 11:30AM

Distracted Driving awareness month occurs each April with companies, large and small, using this as an opportunity to reinforce best practices and driving habits behind the wheel in their businesses. Tragically, our nation’s roadways are seeing significant year-over-year increases in deaths and injuries. This seminar will discuss resources Federated has available to assist clients in distracted driving training and awareness, reinforce the importance of strong policies and procedures as they pertain to both employer and employee responsibility, and introduce new in-cab technology options to monitor and reinforce good employee driving behaviors behind the wheel.


Luau Welcome Dinner

April 10, 2019

4:00PM - 9:00PM

Chief's Luau is unlike any other in Hawaii. It is highly interactive, passionate, funny, and spectacular. Chief's Luau is the highest rated luau on TripAdvisor and Yelp in all of Hawaii. Join Chief Sielu & his ohana (family) for an evening & immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Islands. Sip a Mai Tai cocktail & sink your teeth into a lavish Hawaiian feast, a sumptuous blend of traditional luau foods blended with Hawaiian Regional Cuisine. And finally enjoy a thrilling Polynesian show. Enjoy interactive Hawaiian activities including hula lessons, headband weaving, spear throwing, tattooing and fire making. What makes this Oahu luau different is its producer, Chief Sielu, the original world champion fire-knife dancer & Polynesian comedian. Transportation is provided to and from luau for registered attendees (must pre-register).

This dinner show is included in the full registrant ticket price.

Sponsorship opportunities available.

Seminars 4 & 5 - Two Session Workshop

Entrepreneurial Operating System Vision, Strategy and Plan and Traction®

April 11, 2019

Are You Running Your Business Or Is It Running You? Learn a complete set of simple, practical tools to run a better business – the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)®. EOS combines timeless  business principles with a set of simple, practical, real-world tools to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their  businesses. During this workshop, participants gain Traction®, allowing them to do more of what they do best every day. Join the thousands of leadership teams already maximizing performance and achieving greatness in their  businesses and lives. It’s time to get the most out of your business. One-On-One consultations available to the first 5 registrants requesting this personalized opportunity.

SPEAKER: Susan Hawkes

SPEAKER: Susan Hawkes

7:30AM - 9:20AM - Seminar 4: Align your leadership team with clarity about your company’s vision, strategy and plan, getting everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there. Learn the Vision, People and Data components of EOS and get the right people in the right seats and gain control - over your time, market and company.

9:30AM - 10:55AM - Seminar 5: Instill focus, discipline, and accountability throughout your company so that everyone executes on that vision - every day. Learn the Issues, Process and Traction components of EOS and help your leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team. 


Business Session 2

April 11, 2019

11:05AM - 11:45AM

Assigned Delegates will be issued ballots to vote for the 2019/2020 PHCC of CA Board of Directors. Registered convention attendees are welcome to attend.


Vendor Tabletop Luncheon Mixer

April 11, 2019

11:45AM - 2:15PM

Join PHCC for this unique Tabletop Luncheon opportunity with manufacturers and suppliers from across the western region showcasing new products and services. Expand your network by meeting new business resources, while sharing Best People, Best Practices® at the largest event of PHCC WEST 2019. Learn from the experts with hands-on demonstrations using the latest technology and tools for the plumbing trade. Each vendor showcases before a vested group of PHCC contractors and decision makers over a delicious lunch in a beach setting. Don’t miss this opportunity to better understand the changes affecting your business and the tools and services being offered to drive your business forward. Attendance is FREE to all registered convention attendees.

Sponsorship opportunities available.

Fred Silberstein headshot.png

SF&P Advisors

Speaker: Fred Silberstein

Seminar 6: The 10-Step Strategy To Profitably Buying & Selling A Plumbing and HAVC Business

April 12, 2019

7:30AM - 8:30AM

A comprehensive presentation that walks you through the best strategies to exit or grow your business for maximum gain.

Business acquisitions in the HVAC and Plumbing Contractor industries have been on the rise in recent years. With over 200 businesses sold to date—this presentation by SF&P Advisors, will give you a complete understanding of the selling and buying process—every step, from initial interest, to arriving at a valuation, all the way to signing the contracts.


·       Gain a basic understanding of how your business is valued, and how to maximize that value ·       Understand steps to take in preparing your business for sale—even if you haven’t decided on a sale date, or if you even want to sell ·       Learn the step-by-step sales process, once you have decided to sell the business ·       Know the benefits and strategies of buying out your competitors

Seminar 7: Conversations That Matter

April 12, 2019

8:40AM - 10:10AM

Let’s face it; there are people and topics that at some point are just off limits. You just can’t do it or them right now. Even worse, often it is a difficult topic that you have to bring up with a difficult person. What if you could engage in these conversations with more confidence, humor, and ease? No matter the person or topic, you are your best tool for conversations that matter. Understanding your self and others as differently right gives you the tools to intentionally design teams, groups, and partnerships that can bring value to a single project or topic. We are all frustrating to someone, and at times even to ourselves. Once you know who and how you are, you can reclaim responsibility for these behavior response patterns and leave room for others to do the same. Before you know it, you are having better conversations and fuller relationships with those around you. I promise – it is that easy.

Speaker: Jessica Pettitt


1. Learn a 3-part framework or model for taking responsibility of how they show up.

2. Develop skills for a significant and powerful (and free) method to change culture around difficult topics and see other’s as differently right.

3. Utilize personal patterns to recognize them in others so we can leave room for edits in our stories.

4. Personally recognize our “kryptonite” and how habitually it limits our behaviors, responses, and beliefs as well as fuels us to build momentum when we need it the most.

Contractor Roundtable

April 12, 2019

10:20AM - 12:00PM

This annual roundtable covers issues important to the plumbing-heating-cooling industry. The moderated event allows attendees to discuss issues that are affecting their businesses. What better way to learn, than with interactive conversation with other contractors sharing solutions to the same issues you may be experiencing in the P-H-C Industry. Not only do you gain the knowledge from fellow members, you also have the opportunity to share your expertise as well.


PHCC Chapter Executives Roundtable

April 12, 2019

10:20AM - 12:00PM

PHCC Executive Directors discuss membership, training and share marketing strategies to better member benefits.


CAPHCC Post Convention Board Meeting

April 12, 2019

12:00PM - 1:30PM

The 2019/2020 CAPHCC Board of Directors will discuss new board assignments and orientation. 


Installation & Awards Dinner

April 12, 2019

6:00PM - 10:00PM

Please join fellow convention attendees for an installation & awards dinner honoring the installation of the new 2019/2020 PHCC of CA Board of Directors, membership anniversaries, convention sponsors, and the famously popular annual Affiliate and Contractor of the Year awards. A local Hawaiian native will DJ the evening with local music for some dancing and fun. An installation dinner ticket is included in the full registrant ticket price. 

Sponsorship opportunities available.



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